Porsche Servicing in London

Porsche servicing in London can be a ‘hit or miss’ affair as many Porsche drivers know to their cost.  Finding a Porsche garage which provides the Porsche servicing you require can be difficult but 911 SBD are proud to offer Porsche servicing in London which really works for their clients.

The differences in Porsche servicing in London

Many Porsche garages in London actually outsource a lot of the services that they offer, services such as engine rebuilds and brake disc skimming are often offered by a garage but actually done elsewhere.  This could be for a variety of reasons – sometimes it is due to the skill set that the garage employs and other times it could be due to the equipment that the garage uses.  911 SBD have a rich history in Porsche racing, an environment where work like an engine rebuild or brake disc skimming are quite commonplace.  This experience has been transferred to the garage we run today so that nothing is outsourced – whatever work your Porsche needs doing will be done internally.  Whenever you want to see your Porsche you can come to the garage to view the progress on your car, your car will always be there.

Confidence in a garage offering Porsche servicing in London

Finding a trusted Porsche garage is like finding a trusted dentist, doctor or even hairdresser – once you find them you never want to leave them.  As 911 SBD offer all of the Porsche servicing needs in-house this has created relationships with customers which keeps them coming back for all of their Porsche needs.  As the relationship grows we come to understand not only your car but also, you.  How you like your Porsche set up, how you like it to ride – these are all things that 911 SBD will come to know as your confidence in our services grows.

Use 911 SBD for your Porsche servicing in London and find a garage which can cater for your every need.  With all of the work done in-house you can rest easy, knowing where your car is at all times.  Contact us today by phone, email or social media or actually pop in with your Porsche, we’ll be happy to see you.

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